The future is here! You can now pay benefits faster, more securely and with a lot less money with payment modernization.
  • Reloadable prepaid cards that work like a bank account for claimants
  • Payers send wage replacement payments to the card through same QRails portal as provider payments
  • Gives employers superior access and convenience via web and mobile
  • Eliminates up to 60% print, postage, and bank fees!
  • Eliminates check print and postage costs, bank check issuance fees, bank positive pay fees, and bank void and bank/check re-issue fees for lost or stolen checks
  • Significant administrative savings – payment and account reconciliation resources

For injured workers

  • Faster access to funds
  • No bank account, no credit history, no problem
  • It’s like having a bank in their wallets.
  • Safer than cashing checks and no more check cashing fees
  • Claimant protected in case of fraud
  • Text alerts, mobile apps, and 24/7/365 customer service

For employers

  • Eliminates cost of printing and mailing checks
  • Same process and portal as providers payments
  • No stop checks, rushing payments, and overdraft penalties
  • No stolen or lost check replacements
  • No escheatment responsibilities


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