Announcing Anthem Premier and Anthem Premier Plus Medical Provider Networks (MPNs)

The only true statewide network MPNs

Now you can get all the advantages of a world-class MPN without all the hassles. There has never been an easier or more cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of having an outcomes-based MPN and offer injured workers access to quality medical care.

Put Your Trust in the Experts

There is no need to deal with the stress and pressure of MPN management—Anthem already has it managed! We provide access to one of the largest Medical Provider Networks in California. Anthem applies sophisticated data analysis techniques, to identify the right physicians, who can provide optimized results and quality care to your injured workers. A unique advantage of the Anthem Premier MPN is the direct contractual relationships we have with providers, to effectively impact outcomes of the MPN.

Anthem’s Unique Analytic Advantage

Anthem utilizes a series of proprietary data analysis methods to understand utilization and treatment trends in order to successfully identify physicians that deliver optimal results for you and your injured workers. While Anthem manages the MPN, the power of our extensive data will provide you with the tools and alerts you need to assist you in effectively managing your total claims cost.

Medical Access Assistant - The Premier Experience

Our Medical Access Assistants make it easy for adjusters and injured workers, by providing a full service scheduling experience. Anthem is a leader in successfully securing compliant appointments, from the most straightforward, initial care requests to the more complex, specialist appointments. We help injured workers secure timely appointments and prompt treatment which promotes timely return to work.

Compliance Made Easy

The passing of Senate Bill 863 (SB863) has put regulatory compliance at the forefront of Workers’ Comp. Since Anthem manages the relationship with providers within its own MPN, it can reduce the burden of compliance from its clients. Anthem has made significant investments to build advanced tools and technology, which effectively support compliance. In addition, you can begin using our MPN immediately. There’s no need to submit an MPN filing, no delay of revenue, and no postponement of cost savings. Best of all, Anthem has developed a series of intuitive and automated online tools that enable us to immediately and proactively update data real-time, complete and track communications, customize MPN plans, and maintain clear documentation. These are just some of the things that we do behind the scenes to deliver a best-in-class MPN and make it easy for you.

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